Precise skin colour measurement is of the utmost importance for researchers as well as clinicians involved in the field of skin pigmentation. Skin colorimetry has proved to be a delicate and rather complex issue.  This complexity results from several facts: 

  • Skin erythema, which readily changes due to internal or external factors, can highly     interfere with the precise measurement of skin pigmentation. The desirable skin colorimeter should remain specific for melanin measurement in the case of modifications in skin erythema and vice versa. This is one of the most important challenges in skin colorimetry.
  • Skin erythema can readily vary according to the pressure applied to the skin surface by the colorimetric device. Since the pressure applied by the user can significantly vary in different measurements, it can significantly interfere with the reproducibility of erythema values, which, in turn, falsly affect the melanin values.
  • According to the measurement method, environmental temperature and light can affect the measurement results.

dermacatchScientis Pharma associated with the expert engineers of the company Colorix (Neuchatel, Switzerland) began a mutual project since late 2010 for the development of a new performant skin colorimeter aimed  at overcoming the disadvantages of current colorimetric devices. Result of Scientis-Colorix collaborations was the development of a highly sensitive and specific device for the measurement of skin pigmentation and erythema (Dermacatch).

In an extensive study, Dermacatch was compared with the reference skin colorimeter « Mexameter » (Courage-Khazaka). In this study, 18000 measures were performed by these two devices on normal as well as hyperpigmented human skin on which erythema was induced by a vasodilator. Results of this study, presented in the Europeen Society for Pigment cell and Melanoma Research congrees in Geneva (September 2012) showed the followings :


  • Due to its coverage of  the complete visible light spectrum and due to its different calculation method for pigmentation and erythema, DERMACATCH remained highly specific for melanin quantification even in the case of significant increase in the level of skin erythema, while Mexameter showed falsely lower values for melanin in the case of increase in erythema.
  • In the case of increase in melanin level, Dermacatch remained specific for erythema values,   while Mexameter showed irrelevant values for erythema in the case of modifications in melanin level.
  • The high distinguishing capacity of DERMACATCH for erythema vs. melanin, caused the melanin measurements to remain highly reproducible even in the case of changes in the pressure applied to the skin surface by the user.  On the other hand, the design of the optical orifice of DERMACATCH which permits the minimum surface-to-surface contact of the optical part with the skin, reduces the chance of skin blanching due to pressure.
  • Contrary to Mexameter, environmental light and temperature did not affect the melanin and erythema values measured by DERMACATCH.

Dermacatch is a break-through in skin colorimetry that resolves the challenging difficulties of skin colorimetry. 

Dermacatch instantly provides the Melanin and Erythema values and can serve as a highly precise colorimeter for skin pigmentation professionals.

Before placing an order, we highly recommend you to ask our proffesionals if  this device is really suitable for your project.  This consultation would be totally free of charge.

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Discrimination between cutaneous pigmentation and erythema: Comparison of the skin colorimeters Dermacatch and Mexameter
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