Scientis Pharma  –  curing your pigmentation complexion

Scientis Pharma is a leading dermatology research company based in Geneva, Switzerland. We strive at discovering breakthrough diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for patients with skin hyper- and hypo-pigmentating conditions.

Cysteamine Cream® is Scientis Pharma’s breakthrough innovation. Cysteamine Cream® is a novel super potent skin depigmenting active agent intended for cure of melasma, pregnancy mask, dark spot and lentigo, and for hyper-intensive skin whitening.

Skin pigmentation pathologies are highly frequent in all ethnicities and can seriously affect the social life of people in all part of the world. We conduct research with world-leading scientists and clinicians in the field of skin pigmentation in order to provide the newest, safest and most effective treatments to patients with skin colour complexion.

To benefit from our treatment, get Cysteamine Cream® online or visit our dermatologists at the Centre de Dermatologie de Cornavin in Geneva, Switzerland, specialized in the management of skin hyper-pigmentation such as melasma, pregnancy mask, dark spot and lentigo, and skin hypo-pigmentation complexion such as vitiligo.

Behrooz Kasraee, MD Dermatology, CEO


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